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Clueless Kiddies

In a hobby that has more than it’s share of simply retared, absolutely idiotic prepubescent dumbasses, John G. Fellman, Nathan D. Harkness, and Luke A. Towle, all students at Saint Paul’s tony Northwestern College, deserve some sort of award. While I don’t (yet!) have a copy of the arrest report available, this press release by the Saint Paul Police (Adobe PDF file) tells quite the story of, um, stupidity.

These tools are not urban explorers. They’re dumbasses, and vandals. I really, sincerely hope the city attorney throws the book at them, because if ever anyone needed a wake-up-call and a clue, it’s these kiddies.

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Got a Clue… or a Website?

Not much enjoying their newfound publicity as Urban Explorers, the lads from Wide Open seem to have taken their website down. Well, shucks. Since the public deserves to know who, exactly, is running amok thru their streets at night, it seems only fair to reproduce their home page (Adobe PDF file) and their about us page (Adobe PDF file) for posterity. An earlier version of their website, sans pictures, can be accessed here, and those with a misguided desire to learn far more than they ever really wanted to know (I warned you!) can click here, for, well… you’ll see.

Oh, and media folks trying to get ahold of the terrible threesome, John Fellman can be reached at, and Luke Towle can be reached at . That other guy probably doesn’t want to be contacted, either, but he at least wasn’t stupid enough to leave his email address on the web where anyone could find it…

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