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Remember, after 11 September 2001, how Clear Channel radio stations thoughtfully censored their playlists to protect the emotions of delicate Americans across the country? Remember how they somehow thought that not playing Kansas was going to help us defeat Al Queda?

Well, now that Dubya has slurred and mumbled his way through a statement to the effect that the formation of Lac New Orleans is a worse disaster than 11 September 2001, what I really want to know is…

…are Clear Channel affiliates still going to play the Scorpions Rock You Like a Hurricane? Will we ever hear “Gimme some water, some cool cool water” on the radio again? “Smoke on the water, and fire in the sky”? Don Maclean’s American Pie? When it’s more applicable than ever, will we hear “Don’t have to live like a refugee”?

’cause, you know, not playing classic rock, that’d sure show Mother Nature who’s boss, eh?

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History in the Making

Because of arrogance and incompetence on the part of administration officials – an inability or simple unwillingness to deal with the disaster at Lac New Orleans – for the first time since the Kent State massacre thirty-five years ago, United States military personnel on U.S. soil have fired on U.S. civilians.

Welcome to the new regime – the United States of Hell.

Still ashamed to be an American, today. I wonder if that’ll ever change. I rather doubt it, sadly.

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