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Such Silliness

The BBC reports today that American military personnel, whether on- or off-duty, are indefinately prohibited from visiting London.

The U.S. obviously wants to play this as if they are deeply concerned about the well-being and safety of their personnel… if that’s true, then it’s rather a slap in the face to the UK, isn’t it? Uncle Sam would seem to have reservations about the ability of the Brits to prevent further attacks. Mind you, Uncle Sam hasn’t issued any sort of travel advisory for U.S. civilian travellers, yet…

Of course, it’s rather less likely that someone in the military has sprouted a clue, and, realizing that the U.S.’s Global War on Terror (GWOT) is directly responsible for the bombings in London, and as such is worried about irate Brits taking out their fear and anger on American troops.

Wait, what am I saying? American commanders caring about anyone other than themselves? Silly me…

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