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Anyone who fails to see parallels between Iraq and Vietnam clearly hasn’t been reading about the latter:

“Implicit… is the fact that the embittered atmosphere of the peace movement must also be seen in the context of the so-called credibility gap. On every aspect of the war – the explanation of its origins, characterization of our role, praise of the South Vietnamese regime and its progress towards democracy, description of the unfailing success of all American military operations, minimization of civilian casualties, and denials of enemy and neutral gestures towards negotiation – the American government has been charged with duplicity by many of those who disagree with its policies… When all shades of misgiving about the war were scorned as cowardly and unpatriotic – the timidity of “nervous nellies? and “cussers and doubters? – the effect was to turn disagreement into rage.?

Jerome Skolnick,

    The Politics of Protest

, 1969; p. 30

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