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Self-serving Imperialism

“The ignorance of the dominant country about the position, circumstances, and interests of the dependency is productive of numerous evils. The evils arising to the dependency, from the ignorance of the dominant country respecting it’s concerns, are enhanced by it’s indifference. Not only does the dominant country know little of those concerns, but it has little desire to know anything of them. Men’s sympathies are in general too narrow to comprehend a community which is distinct from their own, although it may be ultimately subject to the same supreme government. Accordingly, the maxim that government exists for the benefit of the governed, is generally considered by the immediate subjects of a supreme government as applicable only to themselves; and it is often proclaimed openly that dependencies are to be governed, not for their own benefit, but for the benefit of the dominant state.”

— George Cornewell Lewis
Government of Dependencies, p. 152

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