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Screwed by Rove?

As Joseph Cannon points out here, newfangled electronic voting machines with no paper trail were heavily used in three of the make-or-break states at play in this last election – New Mexico, Ohio, and Florida, and the exit polls from those states all indicated a slight Kerry lead, yet all eventually were awarded – with no meaningful opportunity for recount or audit – to The Great Deceiver.

Luck of the draw? Bad polling? Or Karl Rove and his pet monkey stealing the election… again?

See his article, and the links from it, and make up your own mind about statistical anomalies that might not.

Fool us once, Karl, shame on you. Fool us twice, Karl, shame on us.

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Four More Years…

The majority has spoken, not with intelligence or eloquence, not for liberty or freedom, but in ignorance, stupidity, and bigotry, and for the further decline of this once-great nation.

Four more years of The Great Deceiver, who must be dribbling with glee at having finally achieved the majority vote in national elections only slightly tainted by fraud and controversy.

This victory for ignorance and extremism makes America the laughingstock of the western world, shows us to be (largely) a nation of sheep willingly led to the slaughter by deceit, lies, and fear.

The great unwashed masses have spoken, have come down from their mountainside compounds, up from their plantations, and down from their trailer-parks and voted to hasten the economic and moral bankruptcy of America, to sentance this country to a further four years of embarassment, oppression, and tyrrany at the hands of an extremist administration.

Yesterday was a great victory for democracy, ignorance, and mob rule, and a crushing defeat for freedom, liberty, and intelligence from which we may never recover.

My most sincere congratulations to Karl Rove and his slack-jawed puppet for their hard-bought victory.

Anything less would be unpatriotic, which is far too dangerous a slope to tread…

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