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What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been

Five years ago – 29 October 2004 – was not a terribly exciting day in world history. Oh, there was fighting in Somalia, the European Union became a large step closer to happening, Yasser Arafat headed to Paris for medical treatment, and al-Jazeera aired a videotape containing Osama bin Laden’s first admission of responsibility for September 11th. (Remember bin Laden?)

In a lot less noticeable news, the website you’re now reading – Entropic Memes – came into being.

Yeah, I can’t believe it’s been five years, either.
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Looking Back

Since all the other cool kids are doing – actually, have already done – their year-in-review posts, I figured that, sheep that I am, I’d follow suit with a quick wrap-up of the last year here on Entropic Memes. Consider it a special treat for those of you who like fairly meaningless statistics.
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Making a Difference (or, A Miracle on Blogosphere Street)

By one way of thinking, a blog like this one makes a measurable difference in the life of many of its readers – cynically, one could cite things like “wasted time” and “lost productivity”; less cynically, one could point out that readers occasionally learn things from blogs. Thanks to the power of Google, this is frequently the case, but as nice as it is to educate people about Funistrada or show them how to do computer stuff, most of the time it’s hard to feel that one has really, truly, made a meaningful difference.

Every once in a while, that changes.
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Server-Friendly WordPress: A Year With Squid

Entropic Memes is by no means a high-traffic site, even for a personal blog. However, it’s occasionally high-enough traffic that performance issues can occur, were steps not taken to prevent them. For this website, those efforts comprise four distinct efforts: Application-level output caching, server-side caching, scalable architecture, and a transparent caching proxy front-end. Each is designed to minimize the impact of one or more specific performance bottlenecks that have arisen over the years.

Today, having just hit the eight-hundredth post on this site, and survived the highest sustained level of traffic the site has ever weathered, I thought it’d be a good time to look – once again – at the last of these measures, the transparent Squid proxy that serves up all the requests for this website, and which has been in use for just over a year.
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A Look Back

Happy new year! It’s that time of month, when I usually look back at the previous month in a bit of highly meta statistic-mongering. Being the first of the year, some quick stats on last year here at Entropic Memes:
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