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“Everybody knows. Nobody cares.”

Over a decade ago, I worked in a large bookstore. It was a mostly fun job, largely because of the people who worked there.

I’ve worked in several bookstores over the years, and one thing I’ve noticed – and one thing that a lot of people often overlook, or try to – is that, for whatever reason or reasons, LGBTQ folks tend to make up a disproportionately large majority of the staff. Possibly not true for Christian bookstores, I admit, and I’m not sure about those few dying second-hand stores, but chain bookstores aren’t exactly institutions of rigid heterosexuality, if you get what I’m saying. And the people who work there are, by and large, anything but judgmental. I mean, I spent something like three years working with a woman who was a beaver. That was just her thing. She insisted she wasn’t a furry – “Furries are people who have an animal form,” she used to say, “I’m an animal with a human form. See the difference?” – and everybody just shrugged and completely failed to care, because she was a nice person and good at her job.

Anyway, now that the stage has been set, as it were, an inspirational little story from my retail adventures in the 1990s.
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Books and Things

Just a quick and probably pointless reminder that, if you’re in the US, and would like a free paperback of my first novel, you can enter the giveaway at Goodreads before midnight on the 18th. A handful will enter, a handful will win. You could be one of them.

Many months ago, I mentioned my “next” novel, and options I was considering for “publishing” it. I noted at the time that I was about two-thirds finished with it. Astute readers might notice that it’s spectacularly failed to materialize in the interim. Well, there’s a reason for that…
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Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Hi, it’s me again.

I try not to harp on about crap everyone is tired of hearing about, but – I promise – this is probably the last you’ll hear about my thrilling and exciting first novel, Mendacities, for quite a while.

Here’s the deal: I badly need your help.

For kicks and giggles more than any honest hope of winning, I’ve decided to enter Mendacities into this year’s Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, a/k/a ABNA, contest. In fact, I have entered Mendacities into the contest, though I can edit the submission through February 6th.

This is where you, dear reader, can help.
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Holiday Sale on Mendacities

Since everyone else is trying to shift slow-moving merchandise by having a holiday sale… two special offers on Mendacities, the humorous adventure novel I wrote earlier in the year.

First, a coupon good for 50% off the e-book edition, through SmashWords: RQ29Y will lower the price to $0.99 USD, and is good through December 31st, 2010.

Secondly, I can’t do much of anything about the price of the paperback edition (Barnes and Noble’s website has the lowest price for American buyers, for what it’s worth), but I am offering three free copies to readers. Just shoot me an e-mail (mendacities /at/ Google’s well-known e-mail domain / .com) with “Holiday contest” in the subject line, by 23:59 GMT, Wednesday 1 Dec 2010. Include your first name (or nick/handle), and what country you’re in. Two entrants from the United States, and one from the rest of the world, will be selected at random on the morning of the 2nd, and contacted for physical mailing addresses.

Obligatory disclosure: I will never spam you, sell your e-mail or snail-mail address, or otherwise do anything to annoy you. Domestic winners get their copies drop-shipped by the printer; international winner gets a copy mailed by yours truly. Winners are under no obligation to say nice things about it, say anything about it, or even read the accursed thing. :)

The clock is ticking, people.

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Chickens. Also, My Novel

Today, I pimp my first and probably only novel. And if you don’t care about that, an inane observation about chickens.

Acccording to Wikipedia, the chicken is the most-domesticated poultry – and possibly one of the most-domesticated animals, full stop. So domesticated, in fact, that most of us have probably never seen a wild chicken, and never will. (Of course, the domestic chicken’s wild counterpart, the red and grey junglefowl, is only native to southeast Asia…) It’s just kind of strange to think that something we in the west see as so ubiquitous and common is, or was once, something rare and unique from fabled far-away lands. I mean, the stereotypical image of a medieval British farmstead inevitably includes a dozen or so chickens scrabbling around in the dirt, and I wonder how many people then – or now – really realized the far distant origins of those ubiquitous critters?

Even less exciting than the origin of chickens as domesticated foodstuffs is my first novel, Mendacities. It’s a very atypical, dystopian, slightly trope-rich coming-of-age story. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy and girl agree to be just friends and nothing more, boy and girl meet a second, very strange, girl, and compete for her affections, while at the same time undertaking an ill-advised school project that winds up altering their lives, nearly killing them, and eventually helping overthrow the government. Also, there’s some casual nudity and underage drinking, a gunfight, and some ruminations on the practical inadequacies of modern K-12 education systems.

You know, same old, same old, just like all the other books out there.

Anyway, you can read about this appalling travesty to populist literature at it’s very own mediocre website, which includes links to several sample chapters, plus places you can buy the stupid thing, as either a paperback, a Kindle book, or an e-book in a dozen other formats. Those of you with an interest in self-publishing may find my boring page of facts and figures somewhat interesting.

My goal is to sell three-hundred copies in three years, and recoup the $200 I’ve got invested into this project. Let’s see how spectacularly I fail, shall we? Thank you in advance for your generous financial support, et cetera…

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