Looking Back

Since all the other cool kids are doing – actually, have already done – their year-in-review posts, I figured that, sheep that I am, I’d follow suit with a quick wrap-up of the last year here on Entropic Memes. Consider it a special treat for those of you who like fairly meaningless statistics.

Total number of posts, to date, including this one: 957
Number of posts for the year: 303
Number of posts in 2007: 388
Busiest month: December, with 37 posts.
Slowest month: April, with 17 posts.

Total number of comments, to date: 508
Number of comments in the last year: 268

Most-read page: No real surprise. (See below.)
Least-read page: The front page, actually. Again, no real surprise.

Number of hours spent on this site: around 22 per month.

Hosting costs for the year: Low three figures (remember, the site is spread across four servers…)

Ad revenue for the year: Quite a bit less than the costs.

Donations by readers: $0.00 USD.

Number of legal threats: 1.

Number of baseless and frankly retarded legal threats: 1.

Number of posts which got “Dugg”: 3.

Number of posts which got “Stumbled”: 2.

Number of posts which got “Slashdotted”: 1.

Number of times spikes in traffic from any of these sites affected the performance of this site: 0.

Peak traffic from being Slashdotted: About 450KBps (3600Kbps, 3.5 megabits-per-second):

the first spike, on the left, is after I was linked to by Bruce Schneier; the rather larger spike is from hitting the front page of Slashdot.

Both of these graphs are taken from the image server that holds pictures for this site; the main part of the website itself is on a shared hosting server. (It’s actually a single-processor 1GHz Pentium-III, believe it or not. At least, that’s what they tell me. Remember, there is a Squid cache, and the site is – obviously – pretty well optimized for performance…) Who says WordPress sites can’t handle high traffic?

Most-viewed material acquired under the Freedom of Information Act: These photos.

Least-viewed material acquired under the (a) Freedom of Information Act: This medical report on bagpipes.

Legally-acquired government document acquired under an open-records act, whose publication got me investigated, however briefly, as a potential terrorist: This cave survey. (Don’t ask.)

Number of NSAIDs taken, to cope with eyestrain, carpal-tunnel syndrome, or back problems: around 150.

The large and ever-growing horde of regular readers and commentators: Priceless. 😀

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