Kwik Hits

Random goodness, short-attention-span style:

Tehran accuses the BBC of “unprofessional conduct”, hints that intelligence services are using reporters “as shields for their espionage activities”;

Latest guilty pleasure, according to some: your cell phone. “Five million people had to die so you could make that call”(!);

Philippine security services are stepping up their activities against MILF renegades, which odds are pretty good a lot of readers are going to mis-interpret 🙂 ;

Manhole-cover fans in Japan – which the news story helpfully describes as “not the oddest fetish in Japan by a long way” – now have their own website, where they share photos and stories and so on. The owner of the site reckons most visitors are males, aged 20-30. Why am I not surprised?

In Pennsylvania, the authorities always get their man – even if he’s hiding in an underground drainage pipe. Now that is dedication.

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