Sturgeon on Urban Exploration

Not really, of course, but after recent antics by the kiddies at UEA – Urban Exploration Alberta – who thought it’d be really, really cool to videotape themselves pooping off the roof of a building and post the clip online for the world to enjoy, I’m reminded that, as Theodore Sturgeon might have put it, ninety percent of Urban Explorers are crud.
Here in Minnesota that’s definately true. We’re blessed with the conspiracy theorists, the paranoid, the illiterate, the druggies, the vandals, the kleptomaniacs, the ghost-hunters, and of course the redneck arsonist – can’t forget the redneck arsonist – among others. Most of them assholes, and most of them hypocrites. When we say we’re just average, normal people, we’re being sadly literal, in that we represent the best and worst of society, plus everyone in between. While many would argue that there’s no “right” reason for involvement in UE, I’d say that many of the MN-area explorers are in it for all the wrong reasons. Gods alone know why the “Urban Invaders” do what they do, or the tools from UEA, but I dare say the usual answers about interests in history and society and photography and exploration have nothing to do with it. Most likely, they do it ’cause they think it’s “kewl”…

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