What They Say, What They Don’t Say

I am almost certain that those intending to read, or write about, the impending “World at Risk” WMD report would be very well served to first study this extremely informative report on Words of Estimative Probability before jumping to any conclusions regarding the impending doom being predicted by some. Even those who are disinterested in the five-year forecast for chemical, biological, and nuclear terror should probably read the WEP paper, as it is applicable to a quite substantial number of other subjects.

From what I have seen of the “World at Risk” report, I am fairly confident that what is not said therein is likely as important, if not more so, than what is.

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  1. On 12/4/2008 at 1:33 pm Kris Wheaton Said:

    Thank you for the kind words about my post concerning WEPs. If your readers are interested in this issue, they should also see Rachel Kesselman’s more extensive research on the topic at http://www.isn.ethz.ch/isn/Digital-Library/Publications/Detail/?id=55739&lng=en