What’s Forbes’ Problem?

Forbes magazine rips into bloggers, blogs, and the blogosphere in their current issue, in an article so “fair and balanced” it must be making the goons at Faux News all warm and tingly. I certainly don’t expect anything other than yellow journalism from Forbes these days, but their legally questionable suggestions on how to stifle free speech are a new low, er, high, er, low for them.

A lot of bloggers seem confused by this, but it’s easy to explain; Forbes are simply shilling for the Republican Party and the White House, staunch (if absurdly crooked) allies and supporters of all things Big Business. According to fecinfo.com, Forbes’ executives have donated thousands in recent years to – almost exclusively – Republican candidates and PACs. Indeed, Mr. Malcolm S. Forbes, Jr – owner, president, and CEO of Forbes – has donated, by my count, sixteen thousand dollars – $16,000 – to Republicans in the last four years. Clearly, he knows which side his bread is buttered on…

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