A Glimpse Inside the FBI… of 80 Years Ago

Shorpy, one of my favorite websites, has posted a handful of photos over the years of the FBI – or its predecessor, the Department of Justice Bureau of Investigation. At some point, obviously, the interior of government buildings became important national secrets which couldn’t be photographed and shown to mere mortals, but way back when, reason and common sense prevailed, I guess.

Anyway, for a glimpse into the inside of the Bureau, way back when, check out their filing cabinets, their work areas, their office spaces, their index system, and their most famous employee, hard at work.

Incidentally, I believe this photo may be a fairly rare look at what would one day become the “physical index” of the Bureau’s “Central Records System”. Without giving the game away, would anyone like to confirm (or deny) that? 🙂

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