Pay to Play

Seems that Bryan Anderson is going to be charged with trespassing after falling down a silo at an abandoned grain mill in Minneapolis and requiring a four-hour rescue. Some people are acting surprised, or cynically suggesting that he’s being made an example of, but I think most of us can reasonably expect that, if we’re to injure ourselves in a location we’re not supposed to be and require prolonged technical rescue in the wee hours of the morning, we’re not going to get off with a warning. I mean, the Gods only know how much money his rescue cost; a lot less than the $100,000 the SPFD spent on the cave rescue/recovery effort a year or so ago, to be sure, but still enough that they’re not just going to laugh it off, good training opportunity or not. Accidents are one thing… avoidable misadventures are quite another. Since he’s not (claiming to be) an Urban Explorer (though he once started a snowball fight with one, rumour has it), it’s not like he even has that great of an excuse – if any, really – for being in the mill in the first place.

Where’d I file the earlier articles on Mr. Anderson? Ah, yes. ‘D’ for “Dumbass”…

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