Two Interesting RNC Photos

I recently stumbled across two interesting photos from last month’s RNC arrests that I thought were interesting – in part because they cast a certain amount of doubt on some of the claims of the “RNC Welcoming Committee” and their lawyers, but also because they should help silence – at least a little bit – some of the anarchists’ supporters, who have taken the whole “photos or it didn’t happen” joke rather too seriously.

These photos come from the October newsletter of the Saint Paul Police Federation. The top photo is of – according to anarchists – the infamous buckets of “grey water” used for flushing toilets; as you can see, law enforcement says urine and kerosene. As you can also see, one of the buckets contains mineral-water bottles with darkish contents. Will less than a litre of “grey water” do you any good to flush a toilet? I’m kind of thinking “no”, myself. That’s probably urine, I’d guess – but maybe kerosene (lamp oil), instead.

The bottom photo is of “caltrops”, made from several nails bent and epoxied together, and meant to puncture vehicle tires – in this case, probably delegate buses, but maybe just random freeway traffic. This is interesting because it is – as far as I know – the first public photo of these devices, which a lot of the anarchists’ supporters have been denying existed. Clearly, trying to claim these were “just a bunch of nails” isn’t going to work so well – I guess they’re going to have to fall back on the “we only had a couple dozen, so it’s not like we could have caused a huge amount of disruption” defense.

Good luck on that one, guys and gals…

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