Whee – Thump!

Last night, Bryan Eric Anderson of Robbinsdale, MN, was either:

A: very, very lucky;
B: very, very drunk;
C: conceived by space-aliens and thus more resilient to damage that homo sapiens.

It seems he fell about seventy feet down a shaft in a disused grain mill in Minneapolis while doing Gods-know-what with two friends in the middle of the night. Although he apparently escaped unharmed, according to media reports, local fire departments took the opportunity to practice their technical-rescue techniques on him, extricating him on a backboard up the seventy-foot shaft, and then down to the ground back below.

Good practice for those occasions when they might have to rescue an actually injured party from confined spaces somewhere, but one has to wonder what he was doing in the building. Drinking? Vandalizing? He doesn’t seem to be either an Urban Explorer or Urban Invader (the latter being the mentally-challenged bastard half-sister of Urban Exploration), which is a good thing…

Well, as I always say, when in doubt, file under ‘D’, for “Dumbass”. 😀

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