Friday FOIA Fun: Robin Moore

Robin Moore, author of the classic special-forces book “The Green Berets” (and co-author of the “Ballad of the Green Berets”), died in February of this year. With much patience and wrangling, I managed to get a copy of, well, at least parts of his FBI file. Some of the documents – referenced in other, later memos – seem to be missing, perhaps destroyed; most of the remainder are heavily redacted; some were referred to “another agency” for review. Assuming, as seems safe, that this second party is the Defense Intelligence Agency, it’ll probably be, oh, five years from now before anyone knows the full details of Moore’s government files. In the meantime, however, you can take a look at what’s been released so far.

Moore’s file, incidentally, is number 94-61092; the “94” prefix is officially “Research Matters and General Correspondence”, but in practice it seems to have been used for other stuff – like investigations of general “subversives” – as well.

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The first page I’ll be showing you is mostly redacted, but includes some biographical information not (yet, hint, hint) on his Wikipedia page:

“D.J. Brennan, Jr” was a “top Hoover aide” of some sort, according to Time Magazine.

These memos are all from 1965, but, as we’ll see in a moment, the FBI were aware of Moore at least as early as 1963:

The Junta Revolucionaria Cubana, or JURE, were, according to various sources, a CIA-backed, anti-Castro organization. Most of the substantiative references seem to be in Spanish, but if you’re interested in them, Google is your friend.

Note that – in my mind, at least – there’s some potential confusion over which Robert Moore is being described in this and the next page; the 1965 memo, above, described the “Green Berets” Robin Moore as merely doing advertising work for Sheraton, while the 1963 investigation referenced here seems to describe him as a “director” of the company – a term I can’t help but think was more accurate of the father, Robert Moore, Sr.

Quite aside from his involvement with anti-Castro revolutionaries, it seems that Moore came to the authorities for an entirely different reason: apparently, the rumors about “The Green Berets” are true: it does disclose “classified information”. At least, according to the FBI, presumably at the insistence of the DIA:

The last reference to Moore in the files released by the Bureau concern a 1974 novel co-written by Moore called “The Family Man”, which was of interest to the Bureau more because of it’s co-authors, and its depiction of the Bureau, than because of Robin Moore. Still, at the end of the several-page review of the book, the FBI thoughtfully provided a brief biography of Moore, which hints at an even deeper anti-Castro involvement:

The Fair Play for Cuba Committee had quite an interesting history; apparently membership included Norman Mailer, Alan Ginsberg… and Lee Harvey Oswald.

So, there you go. Assuming the internet – and this website – are still around in five or six years, and that the Defense Intelligence Agency actually releases any of the information referred to them by the Bureau, I’ll post whatever new details come to light. For the time being, well, enjoy what’s been released so far…

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