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Today, a potpourri of random military stuff, spanning the 1950s to the near future (sorry, time travel not included). For starters, Wikileaks have an interesting powerpoint on security measures in Secure Classified Intelligence Facilities, or SCIFs. Perhaps not the most interesting thing ever, but there are still some good bits in there. If nothing else, the closing slide is worth remembering: “Don’t be afraid to ask dumb questions; they’re easier to handle than dumb mistakes!”

There’s an interesting presentation on military applications for biometrics (3.7MB PDF) from the Marine Corps; it also touches, somewhat, on the role of evidence collection in modern military operations – combat forensics, if you will, in places like Afghanistan and Iraq, where adversaries can be tried as criminals, rather than combatants.

Care for more about National Security Special Events, or NSSEs, and the military support to the same? Look no further than this powerpoint presentation (7.14MB), which should answer most of the questions you didn’t know you had…

Last but not least, some amusing quotes from a 1950 letter, found in the “National Archives” material posted by recently. They come from someone in the Political Affairs (POLAFF) section of the Office of the High Commissioner for Germany (HICOG), and were sent to an acquaintance of his at the State Department in August 1950.

The letter is principally about Moral Re-Armament, who I wrote about a couple of days ago, and isn’t, overall, all that interesting: it’s mainly personal chitchat and gossip between the two gentlemen. Nonetheless, there’s a pretty amusing – to me, anyway – summary of the group and it’s then-leader, Reverend Frank Buchman:

Some things, I guess, will never change. (I do love the phrase “ethical fraudulence or dangerously flabby thinking”, though.) This fellow from the Political Affairs office had one other quite pertinent insight back then in August of 1950, though, which also deserves repeating here:

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

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