Sheriff Bob’s Secret Gaol (and more!)

A week ago, the Minnesota chapter of the ACLU said they were unaware of any temporary detention facilities being prepared for the RNC. Well, there is one – and it helps explain why Ramsey County’s Sheriff Bob (Fletcher) is getting tens of thousands for his jail. But before we get to that…

This past Saturday evening, six people were briefly detained near the Saint Paul Police headquarters. Among the things they admit to being questioned about were the markers they happened to have on them. Now, they don’t really say where, exactly, near the SPPD building – which has a giant neon sign on top of it, announcing “SPPD” for the world to see – they were, but I’m going to say they were probably a block or so from the building proper. Somewhere, say, very near University and Olive. Call it a hunch:

(You can click on the picture for a larger view.) For those of you not familiar with “the industrial section of Saint Paul”, the tall building at the very, very far right of the picture is the SPPD building; the horrible tan thing next to it is part of the county government center; it has a lot of VHF and UHF antennas on the roof (obscured here by the billboard), and might house the spiffy new communications and dispatch center. The even uglier two-story building at the left side of the photo belongs to some commercial cleaning outfit, or something like that. What’s that in their parking lot? Why, it’s Sheriff Bob’s Strategic Jersey Barrier Stockpile (TM), or SBSJBS (pronounced “sibs-jibs”, if you’re wondering):

Thank goodness that’s right next to the police station, because I’m pretty sure you could climb that pile pretty easily…

Now, what does Sheriff Bob need all those Jersey Barriers for, anyway? Well, apparently the Sheriff wants to keep people well away from the jail – several of the sidewalks in the area are blocked off – and, one presumes, the nicely fenced-in parking lot that, I assume, is the top-secret temporary detention facility. Hopefully the Sheriff plans to shackle arrestees to the barriers, because I’m not convinced the fence is going to be too useful:

Um, Sheriff Bob? Shouldn’t the two sides of the fence meet at the corner?

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