Friday Document Dump

Look! Random stuff that has (almost) nothing to do with the Republican National Convention!

I’d like to point out here – this being as good as any a place to do so – that Entropic Memes will probably be on hiatus from roughly 27 August to 8 September, thanks to the above-mentioned NSSE. I’ll try to post pictures or anything else interesting during that time, but no guarantees. Not that folks who read this site are given to worry, or anything – but if I’m quiet for a few days during a local period of violence and instability, well… it’s at least a little bit by design.


There is – or used to be – an interesting powerpoint presentation here (Powerpoint file, duh) on NSSEs – with a great amount of detail about the planning for next week’s Democratic National Convention, though I seem unable to download it. A Google cache of the document is right here, at least for the moment…

I recently acquired a USMC textbook on “Military Operations in Urban Terrain”, which you can download right here (3.85MB PDF). It’s a surprisingly exhaustive look at modern combat operations… even ones in the sewers(!):

You know, once the U.S. invades a country that has sewers, we urban explorers are going to be in high demand as SMEs…

There’s an interesting presentation here (Powerpoint!) on the shortcomings of wargames as training tools for “modern warfare”. It has a couple interesting points to make – besides the interesting comparison of the Qu’ran with Wikipedia, at right, there’s a spiffy list of things wargame designers “probably left out”. Among others: prisoners of war, detainees, hostages, collateral damage, media in the battlespace, and the presence of refugees. Come to think of it, I just finished the new Medal of Honor game, and there weren’t any war correspondents in it, were there?

Of interest to some, I suppose, a training presentation for police “grenadiers” in Denver has been “leaked” on the web; you can download a copy of the PDF file here. It’s not the most user-friendly document, but there’s some interesting stuff in there.

Now, for a special Ask-The-Readers moment: This presentation (Powerpoint) on OPSEC mentions VOSIP – that is, Voice Over Secure Internet Protocol – as an alternative to the STU-III for sensitive communication. The presentation is only a month or two old, but the only information I can dig up about VOSIP relates to a brief DOD pilot program that ended years ago. This exercise report (PDF!) from last year mentions Skype, but surely the military has something a little more proprietary… right? Anyone got any hot, juicy details about the current implementation of VOSIP?

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