Kwik Hits

Look! Stuff that has nothing to do with self-professed anarchists! 🙂

American pilot – who happens to be a convert to Islam – sues government for placing him on a watch list; government responds that “religious and political affiliation does not impact” ones’ inclusion on such a list. Don’t you feel better now?

Somali pirates seize the fourth commercial vessel in as many months. Apparently, not only are the ships and crews held for ransom, but the negotiations take forever. Glad to see those counter-piracy patrols are working…

Even the Canadians have secret search warrants that allow them to secretly seize property and “forfeit it to the government”. Yay for another great American export, eh?

Microsoft clues in to Internet Explorer security issues – too little, far, far too late.

Get ’em while you can – Chicago 2016 Olympic t-shirts are already available. 🙂

An Australian company has issued a recall for loaves of its garlic bread, which inexplicably turn blue when heated. Their best guess, apparently, is that there’s something wrong with the garlic. I mean, it’s that or the bread, I guess…

Somewhat old news, but still hilarious: Tough-talking maverick John McCain takes shots at – wait for it – Dungeons & Dragons players. Well, with snap pop-culture references like that, maybe Gimpy McGuffin really is hip and with it, yo.

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