Aliens Amongst Us

Extra-terrestrial lifeforms have visited earth “quite a bit”, according to a recent statement to the British press. Why do you care what some lunatic UFOlogist thinks? Well, perhaps – just perhaps – because that fellow is an Apollo astronaut, that’s why.

Edgar Mitchell, the Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 14, made the statements to an understandably astonished tabloid journalist recently. Now, he is 77 years old, but I’m sure that’s not going to stop true believers from viewing his allegations as further proof of a global cover-up…

On the topic of UFO cover-ups, the Ministry of Defense earlier this year released a large number of UFO-related reports and documents. Not being into the UFO thing, I wasn’t particularly interested, to be honest. Yay for the MOD, though, in making the hundreds of pages of documents public.

Unfortunately, the MOD didn’t really make them as available as they could – and should – have. Instead, they transferred them to the National Archives, who – after making them available for download for one month – now want you to pay for them. And this isn’t pocket money, either – 8 files at GBP 3.50 each works out to 28 Pounds – a bit over 35 Euros, or 55 USD. That’s not for a print-out, or photocopies – that’s to download a couple-hundred megabytes of PDF files! What on earth were they thinking?

The truth is out there… you just can’t afford to buy a copy!

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