More F-15 Tricks

A week ago, I posted a video showcasing some of the features of the new radar being installed on F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft. Today, I’ve got another one, this time showcasing the AESA radar’s somewhat niftier air-to-ground capabilities – tracking moving targets, automatically identifying and classifying targets, and even a rudimentary BDA ability after the weapons have impacted (in this video, it’s WCMDs). It’s pretty slick eye candy, courtesy of Raytheon, who designed and manufacture the AESA system.

As with the previous video, it’s big – A ten-minute WMV file with 1024×768 pixels resolution, and about 200MB in size. Don’t even think about trying to stream it, it just isn’t going to happen. Instead, do the right-click, save-as thing, and wait a few minutes for your daily fix of CGI goodness. The link is right here, on a server of mine; you may or may not also be able to use this Coral Cache link.

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