Check, Please!

Oy… This is just great. Ninety percent of the U.S. Senate voted to outlaw torture. I don’t have any polls available, but that seems like a reasonable reflection of the will of the people. Hell, the fact that eighty percent of Republican Senators agreed with the sentiment shows its’ universal, bipartisan appeal. Ninety to nine. Overwhelming disapproval of torture, really. Pretty cut and dried, right?

Nope. President Nero is going to veto it. Flex his (lack of) muscles, so to speak. Act like a child to try and get his, er, Karl’s, way in this. Try to demonstrate he’s not a lame duck.

Congress can override the veto. With 90% of the Senate in favor of the bill, it stands a reasonable chance of getting the two-thirds vote Congress needs to do so. And, if you think Karl and Nero are pissed, now… just wait until that slap in the face.

Quack, Mr. Nero. Quack!

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