Kwik Hits

Life and work have suddenly become busy, so here’s some random goodness, most from the other side of the pond, all in short-attention-span style:

Kids these days; go figure, eh?

The lengths police departments will go to to catch speeding motorists. (“Honey, I’m home… after spending nine hours in a horse trailer, doing traffic enforcement. Don’t ask. And yes, it was a used trailer, why?”)

New apparel for Brit police: among other changes, capes. Insert obligatory superhero joke here.

Some things in life never get the respect they think they deserve.

Ministry of Defense’s UFO files released to the public; in unrelated news, grocers report sales of tinfoil up twenty percent…

Might this sort of thing be behind the increasing rash of manhole cover thefts? Hey, you never know…

This is going to be hard to explain away to your family and friends, or so I’d guess.

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