Friday FOIA Fun: Intelligence

It took them more than seven months, but the USAF recently released most of the contents of an intelligence textbook they’ve produced. Parts of it trickled out months ago, and I posted a few of them at the time, but this is the first time most of these have been made available. In typically confusing military fashion, things that should obviously have been redacted – names, addresses, phone numbers – haven’t, while other seeming harmless things probably have been. For example, some self-test questions were redacted – but the answers remain. (Feel free to get some drinking buddies together one night and create your own version of “FOIA Jeopardy”; the designated driver has to play Alex Trebek.)

The whole course – Operations Intelligence Journeymen – comprises four volumes, each of which is broken up into separate “units”. Rather than bother about what file is which volume and which unit, I’ve just gone with the individual unit titles here:

Introduction to Intelligence, 149KB

Intelligence Organization and Mission, 1.2MB

Security, 1MB

Intelligence Production, 461KB

Intelligence Briefings, 110KB

Intelligence Debriefings, 508KB

Aircrew Intelligence Training, 236KB

Mission Planning, 976KB

Geospatial Intelligence, 578KB

Other Intelligence Support Activities, 214KB

US Weapons Systems, 2.8MB

Visual Recognition, 914KB

Personnel Recovery, 443KB

All documents are Adobe PDF files, as received from – and released by – various bits of the United States Air Force, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

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  1. On 5/2/2008 at 9:03 pm Ben Said:

    Visual Recognition is missing its “.pdf”.

  2. On 5/2/2008 at 10:48 pm Nemo Said:

    So it was; thanks.