Fortress ITX / Dedicated Now can kiss my ass…

There once was a guy from the UK, named Rus Foster. Rus was, and is, a good guy. Among other things, Rus is a genuine Linux and BSD guru, and once owned and ran a company called JVDS, at They provide VPS’s/VDS’s – virtual linux servers, at a pretty good rate. They were an excellent deal, with fast, reliable servers, good connectivity, and kick-ass support.

Then the dumbasses from DedicatedNow, owners of the “Fortress ITX” datacenter, bought the company out… and it’s been nothing but bad news ever since. Crappy support, mediocre uptime, and server – and network – performance sucked. Because moving websites is a pain in the ass, I’ve kept a couple sites I of mine, and those of others, on one of their servers for some time now.

When the Fortress people took over, processing power allocated to my virtual server fell by 50-75%. To compensate, I reduced the number of applications running. I switched from Apache to Lighttpd. I optimized the hell out of everything, and I sort of got things to the point where everything ran pretty well. Nowhere near what it was like when Rus was at the helm, but… almost acceptable.

Well, today I had the last straw. I was trying to transfer a tarball from that server to a site elsewhere… and guess what speed I was able to get on the that server? One megabit? Nope. Half a megabit? Nope. Okay, a quarter-megabit, right? Slow DSL speed? Pretty much. The max speed I’ve been able to coax out of that ridiculous excuse for a server is 36KB/s – around 290Kbps. It’s a fucking joke.

I really think that Jay, and the other goons at Fortress and Dedicated Now, are minions of evil who corrupt and destroy everything they touch.

Turds, I tell you. Turds.

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  1. On 12/19/2006 at 1:14 pm Nemo Said:

    Hey, you’re a good guy, Rus. 🙂 I know you had your reasons for doing so, but selling JVDS to FortressITX was the worst thing that ever happened to the JVDS userbase. Three of the biggest attractions of JVDS were your godly mastery of all things Unix, the active, ongoing development (BSD jails, multi-IP Linux virtual machines…), and the geographic diversity of all the machines you had – UK, west coast US, east coast US, Germany… Now, the servers are all in the lackluster Fortress ITX DC, with all it’s attendant problems, not a thing has been done in terms of development in over a year, and none of their techs are competent enough to open you a beer. 🙂

    I definately recommend you, and your current business, to people, and I really lament that, now that I’m finally getting completely free of DedicatedNow, I’m not in the market for another VPS, or I’d be moving to you in a heartbeart. (That was the plan, actually, over a year ago, but the non-compete agreement raised the prospect of having to move everything from DedicatedNOW/JVDS to a third-party machine for a month, then setting everything up again anew on a VPS with you, which I’ve just not had the time or effort to do. C’est la vie, non?)

    I’m sure you’ve done a Technorati or Google Blogs search, and discovered I’m not the only one nostalgic for the JVDS of two years ago, right? 🙂

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