Friday FOIA Fun – More Domestic Terrorists

Last Friday, I posted about the Department of Homeland Security’s short-lived irregular publication the Domestic Terrorism Newsletter. This week, I bring you its successor, the Domestic Extremism Digest.

The publication changed over time in more than just name, but the title well reflects the other changes that took place. The change from “Domestic Terrorism” to “Domestic Extremism” is cosmetic only, reflecting what seems to be a widely-held belief in federal law enforcement that “terrorists” are religiously-motivated zealots born in foreign countries; since the publications in question dealt with more homegrown matters, “extremism” was – and is – apparently the preferred term. It’s all semantics, of course, but it’s worth noting that the FBIs classification for AOT-DT would not, generally, include the majority of the groups and individuals found in these publications; environmentalist groups like ALF and ELF and SHAC would seem to be the big exception. The change from “Newsletter” to “Digest” reflects the reorganization of the document as less of an information channel and more of an intelligence one.

A note is due here, when talking of these radical environmentalist groups that DHS’ interpretation of FOIA exemptions seems, in a word, retarded. Throughout the Domestic Extremist Digest, you’ll find redactions of what appear to be – and in some cases can be demonstrated to be – the abbreviations and acronyms of these groups’ names. OMG, DHS, thanks for trying valiantly to protect the fact that the Animal Liberation Front is known as “ALF” from being disclosed to the public. (Five additional Pathetic Irony Points, or PIPs, are earned by DHS for not redacting ALF’s – excuse me, the Animal Liberation Front‘s – logo from the front cover of two of these digests. Doh!) Good job, guys…

Without further ado, here’s what you’ve been waiting (hah!) for – as 2.5-6MB Adobe PDF files, for your viewing convenience:

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

Number 6

As with the Domestic Terrorism Newsletter, DHS have redacted the volume or issue numbers, so the above numbering in mine, not theirs. Enjoy!

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