Exercises in Nerdistry

So, there I was, waiting for the computer to finish doing what it was doing, playing with a flashlight I had laying around, when I got one of those wickedly dangerous ideas that begins “I wonder what would happen if I…”. Well, a little bit of futzing – that’s a technical term, by the way – later, I found out what happens…

…when you photograph a lit LED flashlight in macro mode with a digital camera that has a really high shutter speed:

That’s an older P4 Cree high-powered LED in, somewhat obviously, a flashlight not meant for it, hence all the weird reflections in the, ah, reflector. Thanks to the marvels of digital technology, you can get in really, really close:

The dome on the emitter is around 5mm across, for scale.

I just had to share. Sorry…

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