A Balad Followup

In the days since I first posted photos of the crash scene of the Turkish AN-26 that was destroyed outside of Balad, Iraq back in 2007, those posts have attracted quite a bit of attention, as the number of comments show. As I feared, the photos raise more questions than they answer about the plane, its activities, and the cause of its demise. Still, I bow to pressure, and today am posting a handful more images – ones which show, among other things, just how close to the airbase the crash took place.

Some reports have said the wreckage was “500 yards” away from the airfield, and that looks to be about right. However, what’s somewhat interesting is that that some wreckage was literally up against a barbed-wire fence surrounding the base, perhaps the outer perimeter:

If you download these four full-size images, you’ll get a better appreciation for just how close the plane came down to the airfield – and get a look at a large fire that was burning, some distance away from the main debris field, but also right up against the edge of the Balad airbase: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, and Image 4. (These are all 4288×2848 pixels, around 1.5MB each, slightly tweaked (histograms adjusted) copies of the USAF originals. You’ll probably want to “save as”, rather than viewing in your browser.)

Also, to repeat something I mentioned in a comment on the original post: You can get a copy of the DVD containing the photos, free, by making a FOIA request to the United States Air Force. Expect to have to wait at least a couple months, however. If you can’t wait that long, I will – reluctantly – provide copies of the DVD in exchange for a donation towards this site’s upkeep. A DVD and mailer cost me about $3; postage in the U.S. is $3-5. Postage to the rest of the world is $8-12, depending on location. There’s a PayPal link on the front page of this site, or you can contact me to arrange other options. If using the PayPal button, be sure to include a note that you’d like the “Balad DVD”.

The disc contains 256 quite large images, at just over 980 megabytes. I simply don’t have the time or resources to put all of them online, unfortunately.

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