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Opus, of Bloom County fame, already has plenty of neuroses; expect to see a new one now that it turns out some penguins can fly. “O, to slip the surly bonds of earth…”

A lawsuit against CERN claims the European agency’s Large Hadron Collider could destroy the planet. There’s always one, isn’t there?

Since it is April Fools’ Day, I’ll direct you to this apparent government presentation on homeland security (PDF file); it’s always good for a few laughs, especially if you haven’t seen it before…

In this politically-correct age, they’re not “manhole covers”, they’re ‘sewer access covers’. Whatever. Idiots still steal them, whatever name they’re given.

9/11 “masterminds: “third rate” amateurs, or just “misunderstood”? Hmmn, that’s a hard call…

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  1. On 6/8/2008 at 5:29 pm hunter richards Said:

    On the CERN meme, there always, always is one strange fellow who predicts the end of earth. In this case, this nut job predicts–not a black hole, but a funny little thing called a strangelet–a creation in the lab that would swallow the earth. Most uneducated would think this a black hole, but its really a funny little item with a funny little name. Simply because the disaster review scenarios did not actually demonstrate or actually go through this exact scenario of the argument this idiot used, is no reason not to proceed full-bore. Scientists do not–I repeat–DO NOT make any mistakes of any magnitude. Although Hawking radiation has been questioned by more than few, there simply is no reason to get excited. A strangelet could not possibly convert any normal matter into strange matter. If it could so do, then RHIC teams of BNL teams would have given it ascarier sounding name like say, black holes. Those sound scary. Or the fact that liquid helium is used for the coolant of the super-conducting magnets surrounding the colliders, and helium has already been demonstrated to provide easily converted fuel for such weird little particles like strangelets, why would should anyone listen to a nut job screaming doomsday? I have enough faith in scientists to never make any mistakes when working with theoretical matters. Darwinism is fact, not theory. There has not been one single revision to evolution in over one hundred years. Why? Simply, there is no theory in evolution, it is simply fact and all evolutionary questions were settled when Darwin proposed his facts. Just like climate change–formerly global warming–we know for a fact that our planet is warming and the only way to combat it is to not drive any vehicle in the United States. Even though until this last year when the right-wing of the nation corrupted NASA in putting out false data that the warming trends actually ceased in 1998, there is no reason whatsoever for anyone to continue driving carbon-emitting vehicles. None! Even if the all of the global warming scientists are now stating that global warming will only start up again after this fifteen year waiting period, there is no reason to stop (climate change (global warming) legislation. Why? The science is entirely settled. There is only human-induced global warming or climate change. The fact that the 1990’s were not as warm as the 1930’s is no reason to not be devastated by the scientific facts as presented because ALL scientists agree that global climate change is induced by humans. Solar cycles? Not hardly! Sun spots? Never! Even if some strange (strangelet?)data states that we are as warm as 136,000 years-ago, there is absolutely no reason to question the scientists that are predicting the end of civilization by global climate change! I am quite sure you agree that what is needed now is comprehensive climate change legislation, doing something–anything–to prevent climate change. And though there are a few weird (no doubt, evil) scientists that are actually predicting another possible ice age (possibly the result of global warming), we cannot stop climate change legislation on account of someone who would question scientists. We know this because Al Gore has told us this fact. His graph demonstrates that humans are the only cause of global warming or climate change or whatever its supposed to be called. Even if close viewing shows that carbon dioxide lags (in some cases) eight hundred years behind the temperature change, the science is settled. There is no questioning this hard science. Other anomalies such as out of the 1200+ NOAA monitoring stations, of the approximate 300+ that have recorded the highest increases of average temperatures, and their placement near such things as hot vehicle radiators or their locations on asphalt parking lots or near air conditioning exhaust vents, should never be used to discount the validity of the hard data they provide. Whether or not environmental groups pressure the media into changing the stories as presented to portray global warming are the critical issue of humanity as in the case of the BBC article some weeks ago, no one should question this issue. It is beyond belief that some could possibly continue to question the facts of human induced climate change. Though some discounting of previous climate change predictions have not panned out [such as the 1970’s predictions of an new ice age by the mid 1990’s or previous 1930’s predictions of an ice age occurring in the 1950’s or even the predictions of global meltdowns made in the 1920’s or the 1950’s, again each occurring (at the time of their predictions) within the next twenty years on average]there simple is no reason to doubt scientists, I know they are without doubt, right! This argument applies equally to the idiot questioning the safety of CERN or RHIC colliders. I am fully confident that the same attention to detail and reliability has been demonstrated with regard to the possible formation of strangelets. Simply, I cannot possibly believe that science is fallible in any form or function. Scientists do not make mistakes! They cannot not will they ever make mistaken theoretical predictions. Science does not make mistakes. Again, if there were any possible danger, it should be called something like Death Ray Particle or something as such. Stranglet? I’m with you, there’s always one. Why would anyone listen to a nut job screaming about the end of civilization caused by humans(even if he is a particle physicist)? What could he possibly know or understand when real scientists are screaming, trying to get us to understand, about the end of civilization from humans? Of course, in the odd chance he is right, at least with global climate change, there will still be a planet for the one or two survivors of climate. Oh well, he could not possibly be right. If you’d like, you could check what actually has been written about the formation of strangelets and their escape from containment or read what actually is recorded by governmental climate data collection locations or the previous warming trends and sun spots/solar cycles, but hey, there’s always one. Thank you for your consideration and thank you if you read the Possible Disaster Scenarios at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider or CERN and what Mr. Wagner has written. The chance is extremely small, NOT ZERO. There is zero containment possibilities if negative strangelets are created. There is no crack government scientists that arrive on helicopters to save anything. If so much gravity is given over climate change with zero regard to the solar effects, why disregard Mr. Wagner and make fun of what he is asking or make fun of him? And no, I am don’t know him from Adam, but I’ve read both sides of this issue, more than once. Again thanks.