Dan Cooper’s Parachute Found?

No confirmation from the FBI yet, of course, but some folks in Oregon believe they may have discovered the parachute used by infamous 1971 airline hijacker ‘Dan Cooper’, also known as ‘D.B. Cooper’. Even if not true, it serves to whip up yet another round of interest in the man and his exploits.

Cooper always reminds me of James DeGriz, the criminal protagonist of Harry Harrison’s Stainless Steel Rat novels. In the books, DeGriz, an infamous criminal mastermind in a somewhat utopian far future, regularly justifies his crimes by emphasizing their public benefit – the entertainment and excitement they provide to the public, the training and practice they provide law enforcement, and the economic stimulus the spending of his ill-gotten loot generates being the most-cited examples. In much the same way, Cooper’s exploits have – quite arguably – provided generations of people the world over with a good deal of entertainment. Even were he alive, and caught, I think he’d still maintain a lasting fame that other criminals (cough, OJ, cough) have failed to achieve.

Not bad for a clean-cut middle-aged white guy who didn’t kill anybody…

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