Sunshine Week 7: Got Fallout Shelter?

Reproduced as the appendix to the engineers’ report on Saint Paul’s Lilydale-area caves that I’ve been putting online this week are two dozen or so early-1960s maps of Saint Paul caves. While I’m not entirely sure why these maps were attached to the report – many of the caves in question seem to be outside the “survey” area – I’m glad they were, as they have proven fairly difficult to acquire through normal channels.

The maps were made by a local engineering firm – Toltz, King, Duvall, Anderson, and Associates – around 1962, principally to identify and survey all the caves in the Twin Cities area that were being employed as fallout shelters, and to identify their capacities. While these “TKDA fallout shelter maps”, as they’ve become known, covered all of the Twin Cities, the only ones reproduced in the 2005 CNA report were selected ones from the Lilydale area of Saint Paul. They’re not the most amazingly legible documents ever – these are by now probably seventh, eighth, or even ninth-generation copies – but they do provide a good look at what these caves looked like, in terms of layout.

Here, for example, is the Lyman Brown cave, known to area teenagers as the “Milk Truck Cave”. As alluded to in the CNA report, this cave is mostly obstructed with construction debris – not just any debris, mind you, but the remnants of the old Smith Avenue “high bridge”:

To give a sense of scale, the cave is around 500′ deep, and more than 600′ wide; it was rated to hold 1,774 people.

Here’s another of Saint Paul’s larger and more unusually laid-out caves, the Joe Attendorfer and R. Wild cave, which could hold 556 people in an emergency:

You can download the complete set of maps right here (6MB Adobe PDF file). Enjoy, as they say, responsibly…

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