Sunshine Week 4: The Illusion of Choice

Today’s float in this week-long parade of documents pried from the cold and clammy fingers of the government is the third and penultimate part of the 2005 engineering report on Saint Paul’s Lilydale caves. Consisting entirely of illustrations and charts, this portion of the report (2.5MB PDF) lays out the choices, such as they were, for the then-future of the caves in question. It was done pseudo-scientifically, with all the various options being fairly arbitrarily “scored” on an apparently arbitrary scale. Not surprisingly, the City went with the “highest scoring” option – hiding the entrances, which was – coincidentally, I’m sure – probably also the least expensive and quickest option to implement.

Looking through the “score sheet”, I have to wonder about the ranking of some of the options. Since libel lawsuits don’t really serve anyone’s best interest, I’ll at this point not speculate that the folks who prepared the report – that’d be CNA Consulting Engineers – might have been, ah, “persuaded” to fudge a few numbers and tell the City exactly what the City – or at least the Mayor at the time – wanted to hear. Likewise, it would be grossly irresponsible to, after looking at these numbers some more, malign the character of the people involved by asking “were those engineers on crack?”, so I shan’t do so, either…

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  1. On 3/21/2008 at 1:40 pm Robin Said:

    Funny how “public benefit” gets the shaft, as usual.