Sunshine Week 3: Intelligence

Continuing with the week’s barrage of documents and other “records” released by government bodies in response to open-records requests – call it a demonstration of the utility of the FOIA and similar laws, to help celebrate Sunshine Week, here are three textbooks on intelligence, produced – and released – by der Neue American Luftwaffe.

First, there’s (all Adobe PDF files) an introduction to intelligence, which covers about what you’d expect it would. Next, there’s a look at intelligence production, which serves as a good introduction to, among other things, the universal intelligence cycle:

Lastly, something a little more interesting – a pretty exhaustive look at contemporary military geospatial intelligence products.

You might think this all looks very military-centric, and on the surface it is. Intelligence, however, is a field – or discipline, if you prefer – whose fundamentals transcend compartmentalization. While a lot of military disciplines don’t translate well to their civilian counterparts – military policing, for example, has almost nothing in common with civilian law enforcement – intelligence is, basically, intelligence. Corporate intelligence folks can learn from law-enforcement intelligence folks, who can learn from military intelligence folks, who can learn from – well, you get the idea…

If you’re into this kind of stuff, I highly recommend the book Intelligence 2000; it’s probably the single best look at the full gamut and diversity of the intelligence process…

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