Skirmishes With Alzheimers

While I struggle through my own little heroic contest with the computer today, British novelist Terry Pratchett has some interesting comments about his recently-diagnosed Alzheimers and the world’s low-intensity conflict with the same.

I met him once, quite briefly, when he was in the Twin Cities a few years ago on a publicity tour for one of his books. He struck me as a very amiable, down-to-earth fellow; a bit like an older, balder Neil Gaiman, really.

I used to think, incidentally, that you could pretty well judge the success of an author by how they travelled – whether they were driven to book signings in Lincoln Town Cars, or rusty Volvos, or drove themselves; whether they had flunkies or not, and so on. Eventually I realized that how they travel has less to do with their success and more to do with their ego. When he was last here, as near as I can tell, Pratchett was wandering the Twin Cities alone, without even a single flunky, minion, or publicist…

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