More Angry Words For Iran

Anti-Iranian rhetoric from U.S. officials is hardly new, but the most recent example is worth looking at, if only for its sheer absurdity: Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno, former second-in-command of U.S. Army operations in Iraq, apparently sees the shady hand of Tehran everywhere he looks, these days. His insistence that Iran are “training surrogates, funding surrogates and supplying weapons to them” is just a repeat of the same old song and dance – one for which no meaningful proof has ever been presented. There’s an even more dangerous – and stupid – statement from the Lt. Gen., however – when asked about comments by Iranian president Ahmadinejad that the latter was able to visit Iraq “openly”, without the secrecy and over-the-top security that accompanies visits by other world leaders, Odierno apparently tried to – once again – blame all of Iraq’s ills on Iran: “I’m not surprised. Because over the last 12 months whenever a visitor would come from the United States, we needed to foil a rocket attack,” he said, adding “Guess what? That is because it was being done by an Iranian surrogate.”

Obviously, Odierno doesn’t come from an intelligence background – and just as obviously, he’s not at home to Mister Reason, either. Gee, rocket attacks on Western politicians couldn’t have anything to do with – and I’m just guessing here – any kind of dislike for foreigners meddling in a country half the world away from their own, could it? I know it’s great fun to pick on Iran, but apparently the Lieutenant General has forgotten Security Directive Fourteen, which has so subtly shaped domestic and foreign policy these last six years: “All brown people everywhere are part of a brotherhood of perfidity, and are out to get us, at home or abroad”.

Assuming that there are brown people in Iraq who somehow aren’t trained, funded, or supplied by Tehran – which, I know, is kind of a stretch – doesn’t it sort of make sense that – in the purely hypothetical event that they for strange and utterly inexplicable reasons had the bad manners to resent westerners meddling in their part of the world – they would, I dunno, perhaps prefer to direct their sniping, mortar-firing, rocket-launching, and bomb-planting efforts against, say, prominent westerners perceived (inexplicably) as architects and catalysts of Iraq’s current state of affairs, rather than towards, you know, the friendly, smiling, bearded face of a fellow angry brown-skinned guy – one who, not entirely coincidentally, also harbors these same, irrational beliefs about westerners being no-good meddling scoundrels?

Such a crazy, far-out assumption, however, is obviously based on the assumption that there really are people in Iraq who aren’t in cahoots with Tehran – a preposterously impossible notion that has clearly been dismissed out-of-hand by American officials. That’s okay, of course; I’m sure they know what they’re doing…

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