Air Force Afraid of Antiques?

During the Korean war, the Mig-15 was a fairly formidable fighter, and the Mig-17 was a serious threat to American bombers (and fighters) during Viet Nam.

That, of course, was several decades ago. Aircraft technology has progressed remarkably since the 1960s, and these half-century-old jets are hardly cutting edge technology any longer. Nonetheless, the United States Air Force is, apparently, still quite concerned about them…

In 2006, the Air Force produced training material on both the Mig-15 “Fagot” and the Mig-17 “Fresco”. With an emphasis on their present service in North Korean service, these classified productions apparently cover everything an American fighter jockey needs to know to go head-to-head with these relics of the dawn of the jet age, including comparative performance against our F-15, F-16, and F/A-18 aircraft.

I like to think these presentations are classified because they contain some sort of information “gleaned” through covert “ways and means”, but a little nagging voice in my head wonders if they aren’t classified just to avoid embarrassment over the whole scared-of-antiques thing. To be fair, the same folks have produced a presentation regarding Iran’s fleet of F-14 Tomcats, a somewhat more formidable (and, if you’re into all the latest conspiracy theories, imminent) threat to American air superiority…

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