“Iraqi” Cessna in Florida – Updated

The “Iraqi” airplane which made an emergency landing late last night in rural Florida turns out to be a single-engine Cessna. Nobody is really saying much, except that pictures aren’t allowed, by “order of the Department of Defense”. Hmmn… Interesting, no?

Even more interesting is that an intrepid reporter got photos anyway (go to the “photo gallery” link); they show a light-grey Cessna with discrete black markings near the tail – and a bunch of other markings on the fuselage, which have been covered with paper, some kind of metallic foil, and tape. Not just any tape, mind you – look at that last link, and you’ll see the silver foil covering some large marking on the fuselage is attached with red tape marked “evidence”.

Hinky shennanigans going on in Florida? You be the judge!

Update – The aircraft in question – YI-138 – appears to be one of 18 Cessna C-172s recently “delivered” to the Iraqi Air Force. An earlier aircraft (YI-131) in similar markings can be seen on this page. Why our government is being so hush-hush about the whole incident, I have no idea…

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