Secrecy: Alive and Flourishing in the U.S. Military

I’m not sure when the policy change took place, and I’ve seen no other mention of it elsewhere online, but Uncle Sam appears to have removed most, if not all, official Army publications from public access on the web in recent weeks.

The Reimer Digital Library, also known as ATIA? No longer public – you need “Army Knowledge Online”, or AKO, credentials or a CAC to use it.

Field Manuals, Technical Manuals, Graphic Training Aids, and most other documents previously available via the Army Publishing Directorate? All now password-protected behind AKO.

All the other “official”, public Army websites, containing the hundreds if not thousands of documents approved for public release? Now consolidated to AKO.

I’m sure there was some noble-sounding justification for this – probably containing the words “consolidated” or “centralized” – but it’s still irritating, nonetheless – and does not exactly create an air of openness and transparency… I wonder if the military is going to renew pressure on the Federation of American Scientists to remove their huge archive of military documents?

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  1. On 2/12/2008 at 3:09 pm Steven Aftergood Said:

    The change was made on February 6. We’re on it, and there’s a story in the works at Inside the Army. We intend to get this reversed.

    Steven Aftergood
    Federation of American Scientists

  2. On 2/12/2008 at 3:24 pm Nemo Said:

    Nice, thanks! I’m kind of surprised you hadn’t covered it yet, but glad to know you’re on it, at any rate. 🙂