Hacktivism, In Sync?

You’ve probably seen the Sync system being offered on certain new automobiles, where voice commands control your stereo, cellphone, et cetera. As demonstrated in one annoying commercial, the Sync system apparently will respond to any voice, not just that of the owner or driver.

This gets me to wondering: Will the Sync recognize commands from the radio? If a DJ were to say, for example, “Play Artist: Queen”, would it have the expected results on people listening in a car with Sync, and media players with Queen albums? If so, this seems like a great – if irritating – outlet for hacktivists; rather than calling up Rush Limbaugh and teasing him for being a chickenhawk, maybe Mike Stark should try and get on the air to say “Call boss”, or “Play Artist: Dixie Chicks”…

Come on, someone must have tried this by now, right?

Published in: 'D' for 'Dumb', Geekiness, General, Security | on January 31st, 2008| Comments Off on Hacktivism, In Sync?

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