Urban Invaders? Hah!

A surprisingly decent piece in the Star Tribune today on Urban Exploration in the Twin Cities area. Truth be told, it’s just the exact same story they, and other, papers have run several times in the past -quotes from a couple explorers, a police spokesperson, and Professor Greg Brick, some mostly-accurate reporting, and a photo or two. Hey, it’s one of Max Action’s rare media appearances; you can also see him, I’m told, in Melody Gilbert’s upcoming Urban Exploration documentary Into the Light, in all his scruffy glory. Well worth $15, if you’re an Action Squad groupie. 🙂

Inevitable “what if?” questions and moral grey areas aside, Max gets it right, about the “take only pictures, leave only footprints” thing. That, really, is what UE is about, not leaving big fucking holes blown in doors, or stealing stuff, or damaging and causing vandalism to places.

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