Clueless Kiddies

In a hobby that has more than it’s share of simply retared, absolutely idiotic prepubescent dumbasses, John G. Fellman, Nathan D. Harkness, and Luke A. Towle, all students at Saint Paul’s tony Northwestern College, deserve some sort of award. While I don’t (yet!) have a copy of the arrest report available, this press release by the Saint Paul Police (Adobe PDF file) tells quite the story of, um, stupidity.

These tools are not urban explorers. They’re dumbasses, and vandals. I really, sincerely hope the city attorney throws the book at them, because if ever anyone needed a wake-up-call and a clue, it’s these kiddies.

Published in: 'D' for 'Dumb', General, Urban Exploration | on September 15th, 2005| Comments Off on Clueless Kiddies

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