A Look Back

Happy new year! It’s that time of month, when I usually look back at the previous month in a bit of highly meta statistic-mongering. Being the first of the year, some quick stats on last year here at Entropic Memes:

Total number of posts to date, including this one: 656

Total number of posts made last year: 388

Month with the most posts: May, with 45

Month with the fewest posts: April, with 21

Total number of comments to date: 240

Most-commented article: Bittorrent Encryption (I think…)

Most-read article: SSH Tunnels as Proxies

Least-read page: About me and this site

Number of people who’ve referred to me (and not impolitely) by anything other than “Nemo” or “Nemo de Monet”, or referred to this website as anything other than “Entropic Memes”: Lots

FOIA-related expenses for the year: around $15, mostly for faxes

Hosting costs for the year: Less than an XBox 360, more than an iPod (content is spread across four accounts with three providers, and includes a Squid front-end for performance)

Ad revenue for the year: About half of the hosting costs

Donations from readers last year: The sum cost of one not-very-fancy coffee drink

Number of legal threats for the year: 2

Number of baseless legal threats for the year: 2

Number of spammers with multiple personalities, who didn’t like being accused of being called spammers, but who couldn’t keep their multiple personalities straight, and who made not-so-thinly-veiled threats at the author: just 1, thank the Gods.

Number of Department of Defense computer systems accessed without permission or through the use of falsified electronic credentials, in the course of researching material for this website: No comment. 🙂

The large and ever-growing readership of this website: Priceless.

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