The Code Book

Happy Boxing Day; hopefully, your holidays were better than mine. If you haven’t yet read Simon Singh’s The Code Book, well, you should. If you have, be sure to check out the free CD-ROM supplement available on Singh’s website.

Whether you’ve read the book or not, you may well enjoy the five-part series based on the same, which was broadcast on the BBC way back in September 1999. I’ve uploaded them to the web for your enjoyment; each is about 9.5MB, and just shy of fifteen minutes’ length. Why, it’s almost like a five-part crypto podcast. 🙂

Right-click on each and save to your computer for best results…

  1. Part One, the Birth of Cryptography
  2. Part Two, the Beale Ciphers
  3. Part Three, the Codes of War
  4. Part Four, Public-Key Cryptography
  5. Part Five, the Politics of Privacy


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