A Mexican Invasion of Los Estados Unidos?

From the current NightWatch:

Mexico: The BBC, Press TV and other news services reported the findings of a Mexican Government study that over half of the Mexicans in the US are illegal. Based on the government’s National Population Council report, the majority of the 6.2 million Mexicans living in the US at the present do not have documents, according to the Mexican government. (Most US official and unofficial estimates double the total number.)

The survey also shows that the Mexican-born population living in the US has increased from about 800,000 in 1970 to more than 11 million in 2006. According to the report 68% of the Mexicans who migrate, or try to migrate, to the US every year do so without documents. Some 55% of them hire immigration specialists to get them across, The report, timed to coincide with the UN International Migrants Day, said almost 30 million people in the US were direct descendants of Mexican migrants.

In analytical terms, the data describe an invasion or a deliberate policy to use population to annex adjacent territory. Measured by effects in Mexico, the Mexican government has promoted the departure of the poorest 10% of its population in order to make them wards of the US. Data from the State of Texas indicate the price for illegal immigration includes each person carrying 100 lbs of illegal drugs in a knapsack across the border. The Texas data makes it clear that the illegal wave is also a drug wave.

Aside from having their numbers a little bit confused, it’s an interesting view of the “immigration problem” not often discussed. I’m sure groups like “La Raza” disagree with the assessments – but, then, they would, wouldn’t they?

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