Fun With Morpheus

Morpheus, as you probably know, is a fairly popular peer-to-peer filesharing application, and one which – among other, similar programs – has been criticized for allowing users to (inadvertently?) share everything on their computer with others. A kind soul provided me with a couple collections of files supposedly downloaded from Morpheus, most of which I was able to confirm were available on the service. As some contain a variety of personally identifiable information – as well as some possibly confidential corporate documents – I’m not making the files available. However, I’ve posted two screenshots to give you a taste of the sorts of things which are, apparently, free for the taking with a few minutes’ effort.

Click each image to see a larger version.

The basic premise of Morpheus is that you point it to a given directory – like “My Documents” – whose contents you want to share. The problem is that there’s nothing to stop you from pointing it to C:\, for example, and offering up everything on your hard drive to the world. A better solution, in my opinion, is to force Morpheus to only share files from a pre-defined directory – C:\Morpheus Files\, for example – and make users copy whatever they want to share into that folder. Sure, it’s an inconvenience – but then if you’re sharing something with the world, you’re doing so on purpose, rather than by accident through ignorance.

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