Lepers In My Inbox

I checked my email this afternoon, and this strange sight met me in my inbox:

Bibles for lepers – not just any lepers, but Christian lepers? While I’m glad, I guess, that these spammers aren’t trying to solicit money to, you know, convert the heathen lepers… maybe, oh, I don’t know – medical care might be more useful to, and appreciated by, lepers than a bible?

Though Google has no knowledge of the “United Lepers Fellowship”, the idle mind has to wonder what sorts of secret handshakes they have and what kinds of arcane rituals they perform. Does one get expelled from the Fellowship for saying “pull my finger”, or “give me a hand”? 🙂

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  1. On 1/10/2008 at 1:14 pm SBL-WA state Said:

    First off, your comment was rude. What if they were truly lepers…do you know they probably don’t have any fingers to pull? Gnarled hands, broken bodies, unable to work to support themselves, dependent totally on the kindness of others.

    Bibles, why would they want Bibles? Because Jesus can give them hope, which you didn’t seem to care about. As lepers they can’t work, so they have a lot of time to read and pray for people like you who don’t care.

    Is the email real, were you somebody that maybe could have bought them Bibles, but chose to ignore it. Is it a scam? Let me know if you find out.

    Did you do any research on lepers in Nigeria? If you had, you would have found out there truly is a colony of lepers in Nigeria, in the area where the email writer requested the help.

    Medical care, if not given within the early stages of leprosy, is useless, because fingers fall off, other parts of the body corrode and become useless. These folks cannot feed themselves well, they can’t read because of the disabiilty, and need large print Bibles.

    I’m not supposed to be uncompassionate toward you, but I hope you never get anything as serious as leprosy. Why don’t you go and do some more research about the ravages of this unquelched disease, and then thank God that you don’t have it, nor anyone you know has it. Do some research into the missions and ministries that have previously done work in the leper fields, people such as Billy Graham, and then see if you can continue to be so smug.

    You better get on your knees and ask God Almighty for forgiveness for your uncompassionate posting, this mocking response to a plea for help. If you don’t know Jesus, you better start trying to find out who He is, because you will be on your knees one way or the other.

    And if you are interested in finding out who Jesus is, just ask Him to prove Himself to you. He will.