Who is the Kinkiest Presidential Candidate?

Okay, so I know this is probably a bad idea from the get go, but bear with me here – and keep in mind, this might not be completely, 100% workplace safe, ‘kay?

So, odds are good that you already support a candidate, and would like to see them get your party’s nomination. You probably know a lot about your chosen candidate – and probably something about their opponents, as well. But, tell me, do you know who the dirtiest, kinkiest, most downright open-minded and adventurous presidential candidate is? You might be surprised to discover that it’s…

Ron Paul. What?! Yes, that Ron Paul, (R-TX). I make this determination in the finest unscientific traditions of “new media” journalism, you understand – but I have fairly convincing evidence to back me up. (Have I piqued your interest, yet?)

You see, while searching for something for another, unrelated article, I stumbled across this website (may redirect you to a splash page; you want the forums once there – any one). It’s a website for enthusiasts of certain interesting sexual fetishes – and it’s supported by none other than Ron Paul – well, his campaign, anyway:

Yes, there at the bottom of each page, below discussion threads with titles like “Two very hot girls pieing each other” and “that old-timey slapstick”, below ads with promises like “100% wet” and inviting the user, indeed, to “go on… splosh me”, there’s the quiet, dignified ad for Ron Paul, promising “Hope for America”.

At first, I suspected it was just one of those cases of a network-wide advertising buy, but a little sleuthing shows that the ad banner is hosted on the “ultimate messy directory” website itself, which suggests to me that someone specifically sought to advertise on their website.

So, Ron Paul apparently supports some interesting and creative uses for cake batter and chocolate syup, bathing and showering while fully-clothed, and countless other things of a messy and/or wet persuasion. How does your candidate of choice stack up? Inquiring minds want to know! 🙂

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  1. On 12/11/2007 at 7:14 pm Nemo Said:

    Keep in mind, I’m not being judgmental here – there are much worse things these fine folks could be doing than playing in the mud or throwing pies at each other, and in the grand scheme of things this probably barely qualifies as a kink. (Rule of thumb: Using a feather for sexual purposes: kinky. Using a whole chicken for sexual purposes: perverted.) Heck, I’m not sure much of it qualifies as porn, by most definitions. It’s just that a fetish website is about the last place I’d expect to find ads for any political candidate – let alone a Republican candidate for the President.

  2. On 12/12/2007 at 1:09 pm Kari Said:

    Any Ron Paul supporter can add banners to their site in support of him.


    From what I know, the Ron Paul campaign doesn’t do any internet advertising, so it’s probably the case that the owner of this site simply supports Ron Paul.

  3. On 12/12/2007 at 2:20 pm John Said:

    As Kari said above, the official Ron Paul campaign doesn’t do any web-based advertising because they don’t need to. His donations are spent of staffers and more traditional means of campaigning and advertising, i.e. TV and Radio ads, literature drops, letter writing and phone-call efforts, etc.

    The campaign has made web banners and even the “donation tracker” containing live donation updates and a link to the official donation page of the RonPaul2008.com site freely available for site admins to place on their pages, if they choose to do so. But Paul is not paying them for the placement of these banners, nor is he soliciting their support.